What is my trading approach with this service?

I don’t like YOLO stuff, because that is not a strategy and it is the beginning of destroyed accounts.

I don’t have a goal for doubling accounts in 3 months, because that is the beginning of every disaster .

My goal is to make good trades every day/week. And that should be your goal too, the profits will follow.

I don’t like hindsight trading like “I made 5k today” or “I bought XYZ stock at 5 and sold at 6 for a profit” after the fact, without real entries and exits in real time. That is a FURU bullshit and will NOT make you a better trader.

I am here to show you what is it to be a real trader going through hard times, drawdowns and emotions. And I want you to trade disciplined, humbled with real expectations. I am not here to pump stuff or diamond hand stocks.

That beeing said, check out the following examples. Those stocks were on my weekly report and I have traded some of them.

The holding time on the futures is somewhere around 1 – 5 days. The holding time of the stocks can be 1 week to couple of months – depending on the market.