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Trader Interview With Dr. Brett Steenbarger

Dr. Steenbarger is a performance trading coach on Wallstreet, known from SMB capital. He is also author of the psychology trading book “The Daily Trading Coach”.

Things To Know Before Starting Investing In Stocks

Hey there! Thinking of trading stocks? It can be exciting and profitable, but it can also be confusing for newbies. Don't worry, I got some tips for you to get started! 1. First things first, learn the basics. Get to know what stocks are, how they're bought and sold,...

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I Am Buying This Stock Now

In this video, I will share with you which stock I am buying right now and why I like the price action and the momentum of the stock. I will show you where to check the fundamentals and how to apply technical analysis.

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This Penny Stock Will Explode! Don’t miss!

In this video I will share with a penny stock from the crypro sector. I will explain the different market cycles and how to spot good opportunities in early uptrending stages. You will learn how to find out when there are no more buyers or sellers left in the market.

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